FJ Gritsch

In the 7th generation, Franz-Josef Gritsch lives on what began here in the Wachau centuries ago: the passion for viticulture. His passion: Continuously striving for the best quality in harmony with nature.
The Wachau with the mighty, calm Danube river and the steep bank vineyards is our home and workplace at the same time. Yes, the steep terraced vineyards are difficult and a lot of things are only done by hand here – from cutting to harvesting. But: the effort is worth it. For example, when you stand up in the vineyard on an autumn day and the evening sun makes the Danube glitter and the vine leaves shine. And the greatest reward is when you, dear wine connoisseur, are given a taste experience, a special moment, with a glass of “vom FJ Gritsch”. Then we have the confirmation: Yes, we work hard, we always strive for the better, we never give up when it comes to quality.