Château Desmirail

Classified 3rd Growth Grand Cru. We work in sustainable viticulture. For decades we have banned all chemical weeding and all insecticides. Realization of this commitment, the property has been certified High Environmental Value since the 2018 vintage. At Desmirail, we are careful to preserve the future of our soils. They are therefore worked with a plow (which is not towed by our mare Iris) and the vines are treated according to the needs linked to the climate and contamination. Thus, each year pushes us to adapt to its climatic conditions.
In Margaux, our wines are born from a blend of juices from several varieties of grapes (Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet-Franc, Petit-Verdot, and Carmenère). At Desmirail, we vinify the first four. The red color and the tannic structure are extracted during the fermentation and maceration phases, the total duration of which is close to three weeks. The decision to separate the juice from the pomace (skins and seeds) is made after several tastings. The marc will be pressed and will provide a more structured complementary juice which will be incorporated when blending the juices of the different grape varieties.