​It is in the heart of Verzenay that the history of the family takes place. Managed today by Paul Froissart, representing the sixth generation, this discreet Maison de la Montagne de Reims proudly displays its history forged by more than a century of passion for wine. What makes Champagne Lafalise-Froissart’s know-how so precious is its understanding of the role of terroir on wines. The Maison LafaliseFroissart vineyard is based on a great diversity of soils and subsoils. Each geological layer brings its characteristics to the vine and the grapes. Especially since his thirst for learning pushed Paul to experiment differently with the land of his plots with a view to biodynamie and respect for balance. Paul studied the geology of the region and what role it brought to his work. He understood that the soils, the vines and the wines are three indissoluble factors in the equation of Champagne aromas. To decipher a vintage, you have to know how to read between the rows of the vineyards of the Grand Crus of Verzenay.