Famille Isabel Ferrando

The rounded stones of Saint Préfert are the last witnesses of the time when the Rhône river, then fierce, tore away fragments of rock from the alpes and deposited them here in the plains. They still illustrate the intensity of an excessive and extreme climate. The spirited mistal, when at full force, sweeps through the plains and hills drying up plants and men alike.
The challenge here is water. The soils of Saint Préfert are stony, porous, aerated, and filtering. This permits the vines to root deeply into the blue clay layer that forms the distant bed of the Rhône river. This blue clay is what makes magic happen in the soils of our winery. Miraculously all of our vineyards rest on it. That’s what gives our wines a specific richness, making it singular and unique. It is this place where the vines know extreme temperatures, the roots must go to the source of water, within the veins of this magical blue clay.
​Located in the Southern part of the appellation, this impeccably run estate is owned and managed by Isabel Ferrando whom purchased it in 2004 and it is now one of the newer hot properties in Chateauneuf du Pape along with her other property, Domaine Ferrando. Isabel’s philosophy is to make wines that reflect the most her distinct and unique terroirs with their original grapes planted on an average of 60 years ago. Knowing that great wines start in the vineyards, Isabel has four time more people working the soils and refusing to spray pesticide than in the cellar.