The manor, annexed to the cellar, dates back to 1820. In times past, charcoal was produced into the rooms of the manor; the family who lived and worked there was called, by other peasants, by the name “POLVAGNOR” (Apulian dialect), which literally means black dust because of the black powder of charcoal that covered and colored their skin. At a later time, the manor was daubed and used as a barn: after having bought it, Filippo discovered the ancient walls hidden under the plaster. He decided to rework the label of this ancient family into his product’s brand: the name POLVANERA calls in mind the strong and dark color of the Primitivo as well as the image of a fertile meridional territory. Thanks to an able work of renovation, the manor shows now its original beauty. In the inside, visitors and guests can taste wines, typical Apulian dishes and also take part in cultural events.