Cantina Del Giusto

“Cantina Del Giusto is a small-sized farm, situated near the foot of the hill of Montepulciano, in the area of Acquaviva.  It is managed by the 4th generation of winegrowers of the Del Giusto family, who are the sole operators of their wine-growing and olive oil-producing businesses.
Their story began circa 1930, when Giulio Del Giusto began to produce wines in historic cellars of the region, for the families of ancient lords.  In 1950, he started producing wine on his own family farm, passing his knowledge to his son Piero, who took over operations in 1995.  Piero and his wife, Luisa, have continued the winemaking tradition, growing the winery and passing the experience, knowledge, and passion for winemaking to future generations. Today, the winery is operated by the great-grandson Niccolo. “